Indian Domain Names Sales Report

Indian Domain Names Sales Report

It has been a while since I did a sales report, so there are lots of results to report.  While the summer was slow, things have really picked up in the autumn.  Today I’ll cover the summer, and I’ll follow this up with a post of autumn sales soon.

There was one more sale in June that didn’t get reported – for $1,470 at Sedo.  Zahnarzt is German for dentist.

In July the headliner was which browsed to $10,200 at Moniker.

Sedo covered things up nicely with for $5,000.

There was also a private sale of for $1,500. sold at Sedo for $1,400 (after previously selling for $2,050 last December). went for 1,000 Eur or $1,470 at Sedo.

Sedo rounded out the month by selling for $800, for $500, for 250 Eur or $368, for $260, for $100, for $101, and for $180.

August saw the entry of Bido on to the Indian domain auction scene, and a number of domains sold there, including which drank $1,159, which taught $508, and, which heated up to $211. sold for $500.

Sedo cleaned up with for $180, for $1,500, and for $510, for $150, for $100, for $250, for $330, for 100 GBP or $164, and for $110.

There is only one domain currently at auction on Sedo –

As usual, you can find a list of all reported sales over $100 on our blog.