India Domains Sales Report

India Domains Sales Report

Last week we covered summer sales of .in and domains.  Now let’s look at what happened in September.  Sales volume picked up quite nicely with summer ending.  September sales included many end user sales, which is always good news and highlights the growing importance of .in internationally.

Headlining the month was a nice sale – for 3,500 EUR or $5,202.  The sale is an end user sale, with the owner being a German insurance company with several brands, including “D.A.S.”

The category killer forum domains and sold for $2,000 each via Sedo.

Other four figure sales included for $1,200 via Sedo, for 1,200 EUR or $1,797, which was bought by a Mr. Krause in Germany, via Sedo sold for $1,533 to Data Infosys Ltd., and for $1,000, which sold to

Rounding out the month was for $170, for $250, for 120 EUR or $178, (German for Credit) for $160, for $290, and for $200, all through Sedo.  On Bido, captured $158, won $250 and bidding for died at $416.

There are currently two Indian domains on sale at Sedo – and  There are also some Indian domains coming up for auction on Bido:,, and

As usual, you can find a list of all reported sales over $100 here.

Update December 6, 2009: the sale did not go through.


Decent sales, thanks for the update.

Decent sales. In my opinion, and could have sold for even more.

You forgot to include my sale of @ 1000$

Hi Akhil,

The current sales report covers the month of September only.

The October sales report will be reported shortly, and it will include the sale (which was a nice sale!).

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