Top 10 Domaining Stories of All Time

Top 10 Domaining Stories of All Time

Everybody else is putting out “Top 10” domaining stories of 2009.  Well, we here at had to do them one better – so, here is our first annual “Top 10” domaining stories, not just of 2009, but of all time.

1.  GoDaddy Girls.  After years of being dull as dirt, Bob Parsons kicked the excitement level of domains up a notch by introducing the Godaddy Girls.  Now domains are not only profitable, but sexy as well.  You’re just reviewing Bob Parsons marketing strategies when you look at those pictures and videos aren’t you?  You’ve got to keep on top of things, so to speak.




2. Rick Schwartz Coronated.  Every kingdom needs a king, EVEN THE KINGDOM OF DOMAINING.  Fortunately, Rick Schwartz volunteered for the quite THANKLESS TASK.  Plus, the sales of CAPS LOCK keys doubled overnight.




3.  Dot Mobi.  The dot mobi is our hero because it is responsible for at least 50% of all domaining jokes.  And because dot com needed a run for its money.




4.  The Number 28. You thought that 42 was the answer to life, the universe, and everything.  Well, you’d be wrong – the answer is 28.  Just ask the good folks over at Bido.




5.  Domain Gang. The domain industry has always needed a place where you could get all the domaining news you need from a trusted source.  Fortunately Domain Gang fills this gap by keeping you up to date on everything you absolutely must know to be a successful domainer.




6.  Domain Tasting Ends;  Wine Tasting Takes Over.  The once very profitable practice of domain tasting was made unprofitable by ICANN.  Entrepreneurial domainers looked for alternative types of tasting to fill this void.  Never ones to turn down a drink, domainers gladly turned to wine tasting instead.




7.  India (and other countries) prohibiting adult domains.  Stats definitively show that no one from these countries uses the internet for porn.




8.  Halvarez.  You thought that Kevin Ham owned the internet.  You thought that Frank Schilling had the best portfolio of any individual.  But the reality came out – Halvarez was involved in more domain auctions than both Kevin and Frank combined.




9.  Tuvalu Gains Its Independence. On October 1, 1978, Tuvalu gained full indepedence from the United Kingdom.  Thank goodness for that, otherwise there could be no .tv on the internet.  We’d just have to use .com or some other extension for that.




10.  Domain Appraisals. Want to get rich overnight?  Hand register a bunch of domains and then pay for them to be appraised.  As the appraisal values of hundreds and even thousands of dollars for each domain roll in, start counting your profits.  Ka-Ching!




(OK, I hate disclaimers, but in case you haven’t noticed, everything in this post is fabricated and meant only for humorous effect)


hilarious compilation 🙂

The GoDaddy girls is great! lol, an easy way to get attention!

forgot the .me/.tel/.asia/.co/.cm etc etc
and the saga

Nice one! haha.. what I like most here is Halvarez’ story. I wouldn’t know that if not with this post.

What is domain tasting, I never knew about such thing and now I suppose its off tables as well.

Nice post, go daddy girls are really interesting.

Bob Parsons is the king of marketing. Alot of his ideas are simple, but done so well. One of the reasons I love GoDaddy.

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