Smart Indian Companies That Understand Domains

Smart Indian Companies That Understand Domains


Using premium domain names for marketing a website is still a fairly new concept in India. However, there are a number of savvy companies that are doing this, either by using a generic domain name that exactly represents what their website is about, or by using a premium domain name to brand their website. Here are some of these smart companies and their websites:

Generic domain names – For these websites, you do not even need to go to the website to know what it is about – the domain says it all. The domains are easy to remember, because they match exactly what they sell. – If you are a freelancer, or need to find a freelancer, then where else would you go. – The .IN Registry itself knows the important of domain names. – Leading portal to buy a sell a house. – The Government of India’s Copyright Registration Office understands the importance of intellectual property. – Stellar domain to stand out in the competitive hosting arena. – The Indian Institute of Management gets it and uses a generic to provide a comprehensive information portal. – If you are looking for an SEO company in India, these guys seem to be switched on. – Blog ping service. – Where else would you get a tshirt? – Find a yoga school or retreat. – For all the gadgets you could ever need. – Understands the importance of a domain name for start ups. – Get live scores of the latest football and other games. – The place to get your mobile recharged.


Brandable domain names – For these websites, an easy-to-remember term is used brand the website. – Free classified ads. – Air conditioning to keep you cool – Job portal – Leading retailer of books and other media. – Messenger service. – Hosting and related services. – Provides international mobile communications services. What a mouthful – good reason to choose a catchy brand. – Offers a web based word processor. – Provides wireless telecom solutions – again, something that makes sense to brand rather than use a generic term. and – Memborable domain name for a technology company. and – Offers stationery and technology products and services. and – Multibrand loyalty program. – Hair and beauty salon. and – Easy to recall name for a provider of business software. – Design studio that obviously understands marketing. – Provides omnichannel and digital experiences. – Cool app for copying and sharing content. – Group of leading academic institutions. – Sells designer travel bags. – Web design company. – Android app. and – Designer gift packing boutique. – Leader in India’s plastics industry. – Check out their reliable forex software. – Restaurant company that will make you feel special.


Think about how competitive the market in India is. Why deprive yourself of a competitive advantage and make do with an inferior domain name? Secure a premium generic or brandable domain, and leapfrog your competition.