The Indian Domain Sales Scoop

The Indian Domain Sales Scoop

It has been a while now since my last roundup of Indian domain sales.  A lot has happened in the .in world since then.

The highlight was likely the Amsterdam cctlds TRAFFIC conference, where I gave a talk about Indian domains.  There were several really good sales of .in domains, both at the live auction and the silent auction.

Here are the sales from the live auction: – 700 Euros ($995) – 1,100 Euros ($1,560) – 200 Euros ($280)

The silent auction went very well for .in domains – 8 out of the 32 domains that sold were Indian domains.  The results are: – 1,064 Euros ($1,466) – 700 Euros ($964) – 532 Euros ($733) – 532 Euros ($733) – 360 Euros ($496) – 200 Euros ($275) – 200 Euros ($275) – 200 Euros ($275)

As I blogged about before, Bido has started auctioning off Indian domains.  So far they have had the following sales: – $292 -$375

I’m informed that there are a couple more Indian domains that will be coming up on the Bido auction block soon – namely, and

There have also been a fair number of Sedo auctions since our last roundup, including several four figure sales.

Leading the pack was, which took $3,716. sold for $3,250. strode off with $2,500. went for $1,450. sold for $1,400 (a drop from it’s previous sale price in December of $2,050).

Rounding out the sales were: – 185 Euros ($260)
and – 350 pounds each ($576)
– 80 Euros ($112) – 50 pounds ($82) – $260 – 60 Euros ($84) – 60 Euros ($84) – $300 – $311 – $275

There is only one domain currently at auction on Sedo –

Although not a .in domain, interestingly enough sold at Sedo for $1,794.

That’s all for this week.  As usual, you can find a list of all reported sales over $100 on our blog.

Thanks for the detailed information. Will be looking to take some references from here 😉


I expected a little more interest in (my sale) but am satisfied with the outcome. It seems there is more interest lately in .in especially as less are available.

what can be the worth price of

thanks for the Info but INDIANS select a unique domain some thing which a indian can really understand the real meaning..all depends on the taste…

Hey…..Thanks for organizing this much useful information. Information is just fantastic.

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