Indian Domain Sales Update

Indian Domain Sales Update

Here is a report of the publicly known Indian domain sales since our last report.

The top sale was which sold for $2,550.  It’s rare to see a take the top spot.

There were two other four figure sales –, which computed 1,500 Eur or about $1,971, and, which sold for $1,750 through Afternic.  It’s rare to see a .in sale at Afternic and hopefully this is the start of a positive future trend.

There were a handful of smaller sales through Sedo as well – let for $100, sold for $90, went for an even 225 Eur or about $296, took 100 Eur or about $132, kicked in at $312, went for $65, and sold for 110 Eur or about $145.

We had previously reported the sale of in September 2008.  The purchaser turns out to have been the popular Kolkata Knight Riders and they have launched their new website.  It’s good to see an developed by such a popular enduser.

There are currently a lot of .in domains on auction at Sedo, including,,,, and

Finally, as more and more domainers get into development, INForum has now opened up a Webmasters Forum where you can also discuss and learn about the development of websites.

Comments was a total steal, guess a lot of people didn’t catch the sale. was a total surprise. is excellent, lots of future for t20 names it seems!

for gud sales attractive name are reqired

I agree with you Samit. Sedo auctions are a bit of a crapshoot. All it takes is two bidders who really want a domain, and you end up with a result like If people don’t notice the auction, you end up with a result like

I’ve never seen Sedo promote a .in auction to the home page, which is disappointing (although not surprising).

Awww which is indeed a subdomain clinched the top position, rather surprising considering the fact that there are hardly any gays in India but was a complete steal though! I thought it would somewhere between 1000$ and above. I dunno how these guys shell out such huge amounts when all I have is my pocket money 😀

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