Indian Domain Sales Report

Indian Domain Sales Report

There have been a lot of sales of Indian domains since our last sales report – many small sales and a few larger ones.

The biggest sale was that of – a great hack that went for EUR 5,250 or about $6,690 in a private transaction.  This sale placed #11 in our record board of top reported sales of all time.  It was sold by the same person who sold, the holder of the #9 position in our record board. sold in a private transaction for $1,550.  The sale was to the owner of

There is another end user sale I just found out about that took place in February 2008 – the sale of for $2,400 EUR to the owner of

In addition to the above large sales, there have been a number of three letter sales on Sedo over the last few days. sold for $198. sold for $70. went for $90. commanded for $98. sold for $90. went for $90. sold for $60.  I think that these sales give a good reading of the state of the market for premium

Finally, there has been an interesting numeric sale – sold for $260 on Sedo.

There are currently a lot of Indian domains on auction at Sedo.  Most of the auctions are for, including,,,,,, and

There is also an interesting for auction at Sedo – is also on auction.  Finally, a previous auction for has been cancelled and is now being re-run.


Nice sales Jeff.

I think the sales are a steal for the buyers. I have one sale to report – for $5000.
Have another pending sale for $1200.


Thanks for the update meditang! Those are great sales – congratulations. If possible, can you let me know once the other one closes.


Nice sales Jeff.

Here are some of my last LLL.IN Sales:

TPA.IN €1000 Euros “Enduser sale”

I have had a $1800 “Enduser sale” but buyer asked me not
to rtell anybody about the name.

BPA.IN $135 “Reseller sale”
PCF.IN $100 “Reseller sale”
FBN.IN $65 “Reseller sale”
GCR.IN $62 “Reseller sale”
MNF.IN $58 “Reseller sale”


What do you think is worth?

i have one domain name i.e.,

any one to bye it


@Johnny – thanks for the info – much appreciated!

@Vivek – we have an appraisal forum at:
Please feel free to post your domain for appraisal.

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