More Endusers Buying Indian Domains

More Endusers Buying Indian Domains

Note: This is guest post contributed by Ed Keay-Smith of OzDomainer and LaptopNomads.

About 6 months ago I made a list of about 500+ & .in domains that I was looking at registering.

I purchased about 100+ of the ones that I liked the best and left the rest for later or in this case other people.

One domain that I did not register was A very good name, but I had others to deal with.

Well, checking back on it and others I see that quite a few of them have been registered by companies and NOT (as far as I can tell) by domainers.

The company that now owns is a manufacturer in India of you guessed it – PVC Pipes.

It is a trend that I think will get stronger as the Indian domain market gets more recognition from the Indian population.

What other choice do local Indian businesses have if the .com of their generic domain is gone?  Hey, let’s get our own ccTLD instead.  It will be a great deal cheaper and in most cases more relevant to people in India.

IMHO, the Indian market is where the .com market was 10 years ago.

If you do your research and look at the stats for strong keyword rich domains you WILL find some great unregistered domains today that someone or some company will want tomorrow or 6 months from now.

I am putting a great deal of time and money into this and I am confident that it will pay off over the next few years.

Shame I did not register, could of had a buyer.

PS. is still available


.in WILL be IN all IN due time. No doubt IN my mind. =)

@Ed – “IMHO, the Indian market is where the .com market was 10 years ago”

It seems with the burgeoning economy and India’s focus on education that internet development would have taken off. Maybe India is ready to embrace the .IN namespace. Curious to see in the next few years if their media migrate to the internet as did American media. It was a struggle here in the states, but the floodgates are open now.

I noticed a huge turnaround in buying and selling of .in names the past two years and typically when domainers get big on something it means the rest of the world is not far behind. Hold the premiums and lose the trash and your .in’s will do well.

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