2007 may be a breakout year for Indian domains

2007 may be a breakout year for Indian domains

2007 is likely to be the last year when the Internet in India remains relatively small business. Now is a great time to consider getting involved and making sure that your company has your .in and .co.in names!

The Indian government is getting ready to expand free wireless broadband across the whole country. Currently figures estimate that the number of Indians online will increase from 45 million in 2006, to reach 67 million in 2007 and 147 million by 2010. The possibility exists for even more rapid growth

Are Indian domain names valuable?

Absolutely.  So far there have been around 100 sales of Indian domain names for 1000 USD or more.

So far in 2007, we’ve already seen several large sales, with Linkshare.in selling for 19,755 USD, Blackjack.in for 5,255 USD, Mobilephones.in for $3,320, MWV.in for $2000. All of these sales were handled by Sedo.com, a leading online marketplace for domains.

Increasingly, major companies see building a website for the Indian market as very important. Having a domain name that makes it clear the company operates in India is an important part of that strategy.

Which extension should I choose? .co.in / .in / .com ?

The Indian government is currently promoting the Indian domain name extension by the slogan:

“Wake up to the power of the official Indian web address. Switch to www.yourcompanyname.co.in”. To get www.yourcompanyname.co,in, log on to www.registry.in”

Even the Indian government is using .in although it is advertising .co.in!

Companies such as Goggle and Yahoo prefer the .co.in extension, whereas some Indian  companies such as Rediff still use .com. Rediff use its .in and .co.in to advertise overseas, particularly to Indians living in the United States.

In the long term, there is little doubt that .in and .co.in will win out in India. With the exception of the United States, almost every country in the world embraces its own extension. British people love .co.uk, Germans love .de, Australians love .com.au and so on.

What about Indian language domains?

Is it possible to visit Indian language domain names? Yes, in .com and .net currently.

The Indian government is getting ready to launch .in domain names in Indian languages. Tamil and Malayam are planned for 2007 with other languages to follow soon afterwards.

Now is the time to make sure your company has your .in and .co.in names!

To find out more, please visit www.inforum.in.


Youre absolutely right,the only hesitation is whether to choose .in or .co.in.Better buy both.

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