Be Like Rick – Latona is Buying Premium .In Domains

Be Like Rick – Latona is Buying Premium .In Domains

What does it mean to be like Rick? Rick Latona is one of the world’s most successful domainers.  In less than 5 years, he has managed to become the largest domain broker in the world, to become the largest domain pawnbroker in the world, to run successful live domain auctions and also to run a domain minisite development company.  He has created a large buzz in the domaining community (and even among some endusers) and won the 2008 domainer of the year award.  If there is one guy who knows about buying and selling domains, it’s Rick Latona.

So what is Rick buying now? Rick has recently joined INForum, the home of the Indian Domain Industry, and is buying any and all premium .in domains.  Rick says that he is looking for “premium category killer names with reasonable prices.”  He is only looking for “truly great names that can have businesses put around them.”  He is looking for names that are in English.  He emphasizes that he doesn’t want nonsense, and doesn’t want people sending him names that aren’t fantastic.

If you have category killer .in domains, and are looking for some liquidity, you can send them to Rick for his consideration here.  PLEASE don’t send him junk.

And, you can be like Rick – and invest in Indian domains.  There are many good reasons why Indian domains are worth investing in and should do well.  I’ve been saying this for a long time, and it’s great that some of the most successful domainers are now entering the .in market.

You can learn more about investing in Indian domains by joining our forums, and at the upcoming TRAFFIC in Amsterdam.