UK Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

UK Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

7.5 million domains registered and still growing. Nominet in business since 1999. Liberal registration requirements – anyone can register. Pricing reasonable – 5 pounds for 2 years.

72% of consumers when surfing in UK likely to click on .uk domain name as that’s more relevant, local and trusted.

Large businesses want .com, smaller businesses want

Roughly 60% of uk domains are active websites.

About 70% of all domains are being renewed.

Web based front end so that registrars can manage domains easily.  Introduced new EPP system.  Introducing more resources for registrars, including more stats.

If you do wait until pro forma invoices from Nominet, use email invoices instead of paper.

In middle of a governance review.  Independent review that’s now published.  Deals with structure of Nominet board and how it works.  Majority of membership is also registrars – 4,000 registrars, 3000 of which are Nominet members.

Upcoming:  reviewing variable registration periods, 2 letter domains being released.