DE Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

DE Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

2nd biggest cctld – after China

Concentrate on Germans, but don’t need to be German to register.

Organized as a cooperative where industries come together.  Like farm cooperative.  Duty to serve German tld for German community.  Independent from the government.  Nonprofit model.  Highest possible level of security and stability for the German community.

Open structure to make it easy for new members to join.  Work closely with members.

Main functions to manage database, interface with members, etc.  Very stable growth.  Growth rates of 11 to 12% up to 2007.  Lately 6-7% growth.

Foreign holders – a lot of portfolio holders.  Many Swiss, Austrians.  Lately an increase in US domain holders.

German domains mostly held by people in urban areas.  Registration in Germany is well spread out between businesses and general population.  Lots of individuals own their own domains (60%).  Popular in Germany if you are looking for a new job for resumes to refer to personal websites for more info.

Introduced IDNs in March 2004.  “Decorated” letters.  About 1/2 million IDN .de domains registered.  Rougly 5% of all German words have a decorated letter in them.  IDNs are very common in Germany.

Membership of 260 organizations.  Membership from 19 countries.  About 20% of members not from Germany.