Netherland Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

Netherland Domains – TRAFFIC cctlds

I’m at the TRAFFIC cctlds first seminar live blogging – please excuse typos!

Michael Ward – director of marketing for is moderating.

Since we’re in Amsterdam, start with .nl.

Marketing manager for Dutch domains.  His slides aren’t working 🙁

.nl – 3.4 million domains.  16 million people in Netherlands.  4.5 million domains registered if you count gtlds registered as well.

Netherlands frontrunners in innovation in internet technology and broadband penetration.  Broadband penetration is one of main determinants of a country’s domain registrations.

Almost 100 registrars in Netherlands.  Growth of .nl still strong.  Dutch market for domains is very resilient compared to other countries.  Very attractive market for domain name industry.

Will be introducing a new EPP based system later this year.  Will be removing many administrative obstacles to registering .nl domains.  Abolishing small transfer fees for domains soon.  Will be abolishing requirement that registrant of .nl must have address in country.  Will be abolished in June 2009, making it possible for people around the world to register domain.