Pravin Anand


Pravin Anand, born on May 5, 1955 at New Delhi, completed his law studies in 1979 at the Campus Law Centre in Delhi and has been practising both as an advocate, and as a patent and trademark attorney and is a senior partner of Anand and Anand. He has been a counsel in some interesting intellectual property cases such as:-

The first Anton Piller Order in the HMV cases;

The first Mareva Injunction Order in the Philips case;

The first Norwich Pharmacal Order in the Hollywood cigarettes case;

The Bandit Queen case which established the Right of Privacy in India;

The Glenfiddich case which dealt with the ‘concept of dilution’ in trade mark law;

The Time Warner case where an Indian court

The Yahoo case (the first domain name case).

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Limited vs Mr. Manu Kasuri & Anr., India’s first domain name case, which has finally been concluded after recordal of evidence.

He serves on the editorial board of several international intellectual property journals such as IP Asia, Entertainment Law Review and Computer & Telecommunications Law Review.

Mr. Anand is the author of several papers on intellectual property and has spoken extensively at various forums such as WIPO, AIPPI, INTA, LES, IBA, LAW ASIA and UN Conference on LDC’s in the Digital World at Brussels.

He has served on several international and national expert groups and committees, including the Patent Law drafting committee for revising and recommending changes to the law. He is the Chairman of IPR Promotion Advisory Committee (IPAC) constituted by the Government of India as also the Chairman of IT Committee set up by FICCI. He is the past President of the Asian Patent Attorneys Association, APAA (Indian Group).

He has also appeared as an expert witness before Parliamentary committees to give evidence on amendments to trademark, patent and copyright law.


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