YouTube to Release Bollywood Film: 3 Idiots

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ceres, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. Ceres

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    In a few months, YouTube will release the Hindi comedy 3 Idiots, which stars Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor. For a fixed price, viewers will be able to download the entire film (read more here). It's hoped that this will stop many people from watching pirated versions of the film.

    ;) Hey, if you can't wait until YouTube releases the film, then you can always watch 3 Idiots at the cinema (it's out on 25th December).
  2. shubhinetwork

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    WOW its an great news . Now i am waiting for it .
    Thanks for information dear .

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  3. Ceres

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    While 3 Idiots is not available for rent right now via YouTube, you can still watch a few free Bollywood Films on YouTube.

    Last Friday, YouTube introduced five films/movies for rent for US users:

    See YouTube Blog.
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  5. Ceres

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    Striker: Bollywood Film on YouTube

    The Bollywood film Striker (starring Siddharth Narayan) recently premiered on YouTube. According to this video report, it has already received many views on YouTube!

    The film is free to watch on YouTube in most countries except:

    U.S. - available for rent
    India - not available on YouTube

  6. shonmaster

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    I am not able to get that how will it curb the piracy. To curb it camera should be banned in cinema halls.As mostly pirated movies are camcoders.
  7. shonty2010

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    Why are guys worried about the piracy when the makers of the 3 idiots are pirates themselves. The original writer Chetan Bhagan (author of '5 point someone' and many other best selling novel) has not been acknowledged and have been publicly humiliated for raising the issue.
  9. mrchris

    mrchris New Member

    is it in english?
    and is it really worth it action, comedy, thriller

    sorry but im in australia but love a good film from any country seeing that tom cruise sucks.
  10. the_poet

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    I'm a great fan of Indian Films (btw, the .IN is mine :))

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