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It has been almost a month since our last Indian domain sales report due to the holiday season.  Sales during this period have been understandably slow.

The top spot on this report goes to which closed Christmas Eve at 4,600 EUR or $6,060.

There were a couple of other four figure sales: traded for 1,500 EUR or $1,976 and won $1,322 (interesting comparison – sold in October 2008 for 3,000 GBP).

Rounding things out were pinging $300, and a couple of successful sales – a sweet starting with “I” – for $475 and for 800 EUR or $1,054.

Currently there aren’t any auctions running at Sedo for Indian domains, so I may wait a fortnight before doing another domain sales report.

It has been a lot quieter this week after the two previous weeks chalked up a record number of Indian domain sales.

There were a couple of nice that sold – sold for $126 and went for $218 – a real bargain given that it starts with a “ii”.

There were a few other sales. sold for 132 Eur or $185. wrote out 100 GBP or $155. drilled for 100 GBP or $155. went for $125.

We have also updated our complete list of Indian domain sales.

The year is starting to wind down and there are only a couple more upcoming auctions of Indian domains at Sedo: and

The highlight of this week’s Indian domain sales report is the sale of at auction on Sedo for $2,050.  It’s obviously a great name and shows the potential that the Indian market holds, with a domain that has been registered for less than four years commanding a four figure price.

INForum member 23 has also recently completed two transactions.  Living in Kochi, 23 has purchased the domain from DemandMedia for $800.  This goes along nicely with, which 23 also owns.  23 also sold through Sedo for 260 Euro. sales continued to be strong again this week.  There were three good sales of that start with the letter “I” for India, which makes them particularly nice. went for $300 at Sedo. sold for $350. sold for $103 at Sedo.

There were many other sales this week.  These included which went for $141, which sold for $113, which went for $91, which sold for $126, which sold for $156, which sold for $143, which sold for $142.

There were also a couple of nice sales – sold at Sedo for $111 and sold for $70.

Finally, hopped to close at 80 Eur or $102.

Upcoming auctions at Sedo include,,,,, and

The highlight of the week was a very large number of sales, most of them premium at very good prices.

There were many successful sales by INForum members:

Meditang sold the domain for $5,000 and another undisclosed for $1,200.

Johnny sold for €1000 or about $1,300 to an enduser.  He also had another undisclosed enduser sale for $1,800.  He successfully sold a number of to other resellers, including for $135, for $100, for $65, for $62, and for $58.

There were also a lot of on auction at Sedo this week: sold for $200. took home $330. closed at $80. ended at $80. wound up at $205. sold for $80. closed at $120.  I think that this shows the strength of the market.

The numeric domain commanded $70. ended at $550.

The rerun of the auction for failed to meet reserve and did not sell.  I’m not sure what the highest bid was, but shortly before closing the bidding was only at 80 Euro.

Upcoming auctions of Indian domains at Sedo include:,,, and

There have been a lot of sales of Indian domains since our last sales report – many small sales and a few larger ones.

The biggest sale was that of – a great hack that went for EUR 5,250 or about $6,690 in a private transaction.  This sale placed #11 in our record board of top reported sales of all time.  It was sold by the same person who sold, the holder of the #9 position in our record board. sold in a private transaction for $1,550.  The sale was to the owner of

There is another end user sale I just found out about that took place in February 2008 – the sale of for $2,400 EUR to the owner of

In addition to the above large sales, there have been a number of three letter sales on Sedo over the last few days. sold for $198. sold for $70. went for $90. commanded for $98. sold for $90. went for $90. sold for $60.  I think that these sales give a good reading of the state of the market for premium

Finally, there has been an interesting numeric sale – sold for $260 on Sedo.

There are currently a lot of Indian domains on auction at Sedo.  Most of the auctions are for, including,,,,,, and

There is also an interesting for auction at Sedo – is also on auction.  Finally, a previous auction for has been cancelled and is now being re-run.

A very quiet week on the Indian domain sales front.  The only sale that I am aware of is for 260 EUR or $338.

There is currently only one Indian domain on auction at Sedo currently –  This auction closes in a few hours.

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Indian Domain Sales – A Comprehensive List

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We have now published on our blog a comprehensive list of all sales of .in and domains for $100 or more that we are aware of.  You can find the list here.  For each sale, in addition to the price, we provide the venue and date of the sale.

The list will constantly be updated as new sales unfold, so you can bookmark it and check back any time to keep up to date.

The top sales to date are:

1) – $60,000 (Domain Round Table Auction, August 2007)
2) – $24,000 (Sedo, 2005)
3) – $22,000 (Private Sale, Unknown, 2006)
4) – 10,000 GBP = $19,755 (Sedo, 10th Jan. 2007)
5) – £9,200 GBP = $18,299 (Sedo, 8th May 2007)
6) – $9,473 (Sedo, March 2008)
7) – €5,700 = $8,355 (Private Sale, December 2007)
8.) – $7,973 (Sedo, April 2008)
9) – $7,500 (Sedo, August 18th 2007)
10) – $7000 (Sedo, 6th June, 2006)
11) – $6,000 (May 2008, DNJ)
12) – $5,900 (DNF – March 29, 2008)
13) – €4,000 = $5,255 (Sedo, 25th January, 2007)

See the rest of the list here.

If there are any sales you know of that we have missed, please let us know.

It has been fairly quiet on the Indian domain sales front recently.  In today’s DNJournal, Ron confirmed that the sale of, which we had previously reported, had gone through.  No other .in sales made it to Ron’s report.

Other recent Indian domain sales include which went for $650, which sold for 110 EUR or $143, and which covered 500 EUR or $653. had significant traffic – receiving 80 uniques per day.  That amount of type in traffic shows the incredible future potential of Indian domains.

There is only one upcoming Sedo auction for an Indian domain, namely

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One big Indian domain sale reported this week in the DNJournal weekly roundup: for $4,000 sold on the AfternicDLS - a solid domain that is an interesting hack and a good sale price.

The week was a good one for sales of Indian domain names, and included two other four-figure sales.  This week’s sales of Indian names include: which graduated for $110, which won $180, which closed at $80, which broadcasted $2,500, and which turned out $1,150.

There are a few .in auction closing at Sedo soon, including,, and

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Every Wednesday, DNJournal publishes a country code top 20 chart, covering the highest reported ccTLD sales from the previous week.

In today’s post, it shows that two of the top 20 ccTLD sales were .in domains.  Coming in at #3, sold for $4,750.  Placing #14, sold for $1,958 – an excellent price and ROI for a “non-premium” that was just registered 1 1/2 years ago.

In fact, domain sales continue to be strong.  On forums, the premium ones tend to trade for more than their .biz and .us counterparts. recently sold on Sedo for $700. sold for $502.  There have also been a few unreported sales of to endusers for high $x,xxx and low $xx,xxx. seem to be coming into their own lately. recently sold for $1,650, which I believe is the second highest reported price for an sale ( previously sold for $7,500).

Other recent Indian domain sales include for $900, which was a steal in my opinion.

Sales of Indian domains continue to be brisk, with a good number of Indian domains currently on auction at Sedo, including,,,, and

To find out more about investing in Indian domains, joint the discussion at – home of the Indian domain industry.