October Indian Domain Sales

October Indian Domain Sales

In October there were several four figure Indian domain sales.  Leading the pack was Roulette.in which won 1,161 Eur or $1,737 at Sedo.

Following closely behind was ForexBroker.in, which traded for $1,500 at Sedo.

Another great sale was Leasing.in, which went for 960 Eur or $1,436 at Sedo.

Rounding out the month was Christians.in, which sold for $1,000 at DNForum.

There were a number of smaller sales as well.  Sexes.in got off at $150, Arts.co.in drew $330, Kompass.in (Kompass is German for Compass) directed 366 Eur or $547, and the geo domain hack Wiscons.in sold for $400.  All of these sales were at Sedo.

There are currently two Indian domains on auction at Sedo – 124.in and BlogSite.in. Upcoming Indian domain auctions on Bido include Tested.in, and BikiniShop.in.

As usual, you can find a complete list of all reported sales over $100 here.


Great post, very informative. Have learned a lot from your site.

While most of the sales sound about right, I have my doubts about forexbroker.in

Its never been registered before, only registered in feb 2009 and sold for $1,500? Sounds highly unlikely.

Thanks for the sales reports, cheers!

If you look at the whois history of ForexBroker.in (via DomainTools), you can see that on October 21 the whois changes to Sedo Escrow and then on October 22 the whois changes to the current registrant. The domain looks like it was a drop catch – it was originally registered November 2007.

Good.. But problem is these domain you mentioned are expensive… 🙂

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