How .Crap Will Change the Domain Game

How .Crap Will Change the Domain Game

I think that people so far are glossing over just how big the introduction of .crap really is.  Let’s face it:  .crap is a game changer.  It merits looking into further.

Never before in the history of domains has there been an extension with as much potential as .crap.  It’s obvious that within a few years at most .crap will be the new .com.  It may never surpass .com, but it sure will come close.  When that happens, won’t you feel silly that you didn’t invest in .crap?

Ignore the .crap naysayers on all the forums and the blogs.  They just have a vested interest in .com and are trying to protect that vested interest.  They simply can’t wrap their minds around all the benefits and possibilities that .crap offers.  Change happens.  The internet is evolving. .Crap will revolutionize the internet.

Remember what Warren Buffet says: be greedy when others are fearful.  It’s time to stock up on .crap while the .commies are panning it.

Let’s face it – what’s really on the internet?  A lot of crap!  And what domain extension could better capture the essence of this then .crap?

.Crap is different from any other extension that’s come before it.  It’s very unique which gives it a lot of potential.

.Crap domains have already been purchased by many big players.  I could list dozens of examples of large corporations that have bought their name in .crap.  Plus, I’ve even seen some .crap domains ranking well in Google.

I’m so excited that I’m ahead of the game and have registered about 1,000 .crap domains – there is so much potential!  If you missed the .com gold rush you’ve got another chance to make it big with .crap – don’t miss out!


Sounds like one healthy campaign you’ve got going there. I personally think .crap is the new gold! This parody is hilarious because it sheds light on the fact that every new domain extension is advertised in this matter. Godaddy was trying to shove the .me extension down people’s throats for quite a while. With all of the publicity and promotion that .me ended up getting, I didn’t register one. But, I truly do feel .crap is the new .com!

Facebook Vanity Url?

Thanks Jason! I can sell you a few of my .crap domains 😀

Congrats on your Facebook url – good going!

I’m sorry, but I’ll bid higher for your .crap names. I want one!


I’ll put them on auction soon!

Perhaps .crap may not do so well, but I was surprised to see .travel on my TV screen not too long ago. .Web also looks promising because we live in web 2.0 not net 2.0. Either way, a big explosion is coming whether you like it or not. Be warned.

> a big explosion is coming whether you like it or not. Be warned.

A big explosion of .crap is definitely something you want to watch out for!

Where can one register .crap domains?

The best produce on the planet springs up from organic, crap filled farms. So you might wanna keep your .crap thinking cap on. a little longer…

Jeff may be full of crap, but he knows exactly what he’s talking about.

Interesting read. I am impressed by your article. Can you tell me the procedure how to register in .CRAP domains?

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