Panel Discussion – TRAFFIC cctlds

Panel Discussion – TRAFFIC cctlds

6.9 million .de domains have a hypen in them.  Hyphens are very popular in .de.

Hyphens popular in .at.

18% of all Dutch people own domains.

% of domain space being monetized by PPC?  For .nl is 15-20%.  For .uk is 19%.  For .de – data not collected, but more than 10%.  For .at 14-15%.

Impact of global recession?  For .de – not really.  A bit of a decrease in the  growth rate, but a lot of this is due to domainers.  Don’t expect bad effects.  For .at, a lot of deletions, but a lot of registrations, stable growth.

As far as registration trends, what have you seen?  For .nl, lots of private individuals are registering domain names for professional business persons.  Increase in PPC market, increase in drop market activitiy.  Corporate registrations seem to be slowing.  For .de, domains are more and more being used for funny advertising, eg, slogans being registered as domain names.  For .at – very active catching community in Austria because they offer zone file.  300 Euros and you get the zone file forever.

Why should I invest in your cctlds?  For .de – invest in all 4.  All 4 are very attractive, good local markets, people are using, all 4 very similar.  Need a local expert.  Should get a local expert in German maket.  Each market is different.  Internet experience for each culture is different.  Important that you have someone who knows the local market very well.  Germany is the biggest of all 4.

For .uk – understanding local market is key.  Need to know who you are talking to, what interests them, what makes local domains valuable.  Requires an understanding of nuance of language.  Local understanding key.

For .nl – nicely tucked between UK & Germany.  Local expertise important.  Primary attraction is value of domain names.  High demand for .nl which translates into high value.  This domain is being used by end users.  Sedo states average .nl domain went from 1500 to 2890 Eur on avg in last year.

For .at – Sedo stats average .at domain went from 800 to 1100 Eur on avg.  Lots of free ones still available.  Attract whole German market – Germany, Austria & Switzerland.  100 million people in Austria.

Impact of .eu?  Some use, but not very much.  Companies are registering it if they can’t get local cctlds.  It may change in the future.  In UK, still a fair amount of use of .com compared to other European countries.  Lorries tend to use .eu a lot, as they are traveling across the continent.  For international profile, companies prefer .com.  Businesses prefer local country cctlds.  Don’t consider .eu a competitor.

With the new round of tlds on the horizon, do you have an opinion on its effect on cctlds?  Will have a hard time to establish themselves.  Not impossible that they will succeed, but very hard.  Experience with domain extension is predominant.  Not real competitors to cctlds, won’t split market up.  May well be like .eu impact.

Any chance of .uk being allowed?  It would be a real challenge to do and is not on the cards at the moment.

2 letter  Will take some time – likely next year – process ongoing.

Number .de domains?  Not on the cards.

.de working on making high volume queries more difficult.  Discussion ongoing on how to do it.


Well according to my experience first comes the UK hosting companies…but india is progressing in the hosting ,market..the technology of T-1 lines and some alternate power maintenance is quite problem so its difficult to manage a data center..

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