15 Must Read Indian Blogs About Investing & Business

15 Must Read Indian Blogs About Investing & Business

These blogs are essential reading for anyone interested in money, business, economics, investing, and finance in India. Here are the top 15 blogs talking about money and business in India, arranged in no particular order:

1. Abhishek Rungta’s Blog

Abhishek Rungta’s Blog by Abhishek Rungta in Kolkata.

This blog is a useful, informative, and entertaining read about business strategies and work productivity. It mainly focuses on Internet marketing as well as several online ventures of the successful blogger. There are many humorous posts included too. Recent posts include Internet strategy, recession strategies for businesses, and web design outsourcing.

2. Ajay Shah’s Blog

Ajay Shah’s Blog by Ajay Shah in New Delhi.

This blogger provides his views and analysis on a wide range of economic topics that are regularly in the news, such as banking issues, capital controls, finance, and economic growth. This blogger also regularly write for the Financial Express and posts links to these articles on his blog. Recent posts include dealing with troubled banks, the real policy rate, and fixing financial regulation.

3. WATBlog


WAT stands for Web, Advertising, and Technology and as the name suggests, most of the articles in the blog focuses on those three topics and their impact on India’s business sector. The blog also features tie-ups, startups, and acquisitions that happen in India’s digital media industry. Recent posts include Indian Railways use of the Internet, telecom tariffs, and the mobile phone market.

4. India PR Blog

India PR Blog.

This blog provides public relations resources, tips, tools, and analyses of the public relations industry. It also takes on PR trends and views, as well as media developments. The blog is a team effort of many of the leading names in the Indian PR industry. Recent posts include the effect of journalists hurling shoes on the PR industry, specialist versus general PR firms in India, and selling digital PR.

5. Value Investor India

Value Investor India by Rohit Chauhan.

This blog is an online diary of the author’s investment philosophies based from the teachings of several well-known investors. The thoughts and analysis of the companies as well as the stock market are all very well thought-out and informative, especially to those who want a no-jargon view of the whole industry. Recent posts include an analysis of Gujarat Gas Limited, details of the blogger’s invetment portfolio, and Warren Buffett versus Rakesh Jhunjhunwala investment styles.

6. Buyer Behaviour

Buyer Behaviour by Professor Ray Titus in Bangalore.

Buyer Behaviour is a blog focusing on how consumers behave and how businesses should take this into account. Topics discussed include consumer loyalty, customer service, and building a brand for your company. Recent posts include why success can be fatal, political errors that mirror business errors, and communicating with consumers.

7. Investment Guru

Investment Guru by Rajesh Soni in Faridabad.

This blog provides news and analysis of the India stock market, business conditions, and economy. The blogger, with a background of a Chartered Accountant and financial planner, also provides in depth financial reviews of various stocks. Recent posts include a review of Gitanjali gems, analysis of recent market movements, and deflationary prospects in India.

8. India Business Blog

India Business Blog by Arun Prabhudesai in Pune.

This blog is focused on discussing new business trends in India, as well as an overall view about entrepreneurship and startups, from the perspective of an IT professional. As the author puts it, the blog was started purely to keep in touch with the latest in Indian business and startup buzz. Recent posts include an analysis of whether celebrities help a brand, credit cards, and penetrating rural markets.

9. Bharat Entrepreneurs

Bharat Entrepreneurs by Kartik Kottapalli in Visakhapatnam.

This blog serves as an information gateway for news and happenings in the Indian business market, focusing mainly on the entrepreneurs and movers and shakers. It covers a wide range of topics including globalization, the economy, CEOs, and more. Recent posts include inflation in India, a profile of Krishna ‘Kittu’ Kolluri, and cost leadership as a business advantage in India.

10. The Big Picture

The Big Picture by Professor TT Ram Mohan in Ahmedabad.

This blog is a thoughtful take of the current state of affairs in India’s economy as well as banking industry, written by a professor in finance and accounting. There are many posts on corporate governance, investment banking, and the world economy. Recent posts include the global economic recovery will be slow, issues at Axis Bank, and academics in government.

11. The Indian Investor’s Blog

The Indian Investor’s Blog by Deepak Sheenoy in Mumbai.

This blog provides regular news and a significant amount of information about investing in the Indian stock market in easily understood language – normally a higlight of the important news of the day followed by the blogger’s analysis. Recent posts include the National Pension Scheme, the Geither Plan, and retaliation to US protectionism.

12. Analysing the (Great) Indian Stock Markets

Analysing the (Great) Indian Stock Markets.

As the name says, this blog attempts to analyze and understand the current movement of the Indian Stock Market, via the use of technical analysis. It also discusses the effects and interactions of the Indian market to the global arena and vice versa. It typically includes a weekly technical analysis and the blogger’s opinion of this. Read the most recent market weekly analysis.

13. adformula

adformula by Sabu Mangalasserril in Mumbai.

This blog focuses on advertising in business. It gives tips and information, as well as educational articles, about what advertising is and how to make the most out of it as a formidable business tool. A lot of humorous anecdotes are used, making this blog an enjoyable read. Recent posts include recent trends in using celebrities in advertising, product placement on TV and in movies, and how ad agencies should service clients.

14. The Indian Market Monitor

The Indian Market Monitor by SS Timamo.

The Indian Market Monitor blog gives a regular blow-by-blow analysis of the Indian Stock Market, interspersed with the graphs and charts for a clearer view of its movement. The blogger also gives his ideas and views on the market movements. Recent posts include 10 day A/D ratio, recent Sensex and Nifty movements, and an analysis of CNX IT stocks.

15. People at Work and Play

People at Work and Play by Prem Rao in Bangalore.

Unlike other business blogs, this blog focuses on the dynamics of people relations for a successful business. It gives great and practical advice and tips, particularly in balancing work and personal life as well as effective dealings with people. Recent posts include supporting your CEO, productivity of owls and larks, and Generation F.


Great list !!

What was the criteria of Ranking ? I beleive its number of RSS readers . Correct !! , or are you seeing number of daily visitors ?

I write on Personal Finance and I read lots of above blogs 🙂


Good List…I do follow Ajay Shah, Deepak Shenoy and Rajesh Soni’s blog on a regular basis. Looking forward to read other blogs listed here in Top 15.

Great List, on http://www.marketcolorz.com, we have a good number of users, this list can be very useful for all the users to share news and Analysis.

what a shame…

you are putting Number 7, number 12, and number 14 among rest of the esteemed folks.

these three would not even qualify for top 50. (and it has been included in top 15).

who nominated or recommended them? friends?

hindustan yahin pe mar kha jata hai…

for others it is deservedly so.

I think Indian-share-tips.com should have had found a place in your list. Regards

Good job done on listing the top business blogs. Don’t go by statements of people like money penny who do not understand what good blogs are about. I think each and every blog listed rightly deserved to be in the list.

Would request you to please write similar post on the top 15 tech blogs in India.

@ Vishwas – may be you were one of their friends who recommended it. chor ki daddi mai tinka.

may be you should ask yourself what a good blog means:
number 7 – what is unique about it, stock tips, publishing widely available news again again ? you putting his crapy stuff with esteem folks like IIM professor (who writes original thoughts – not picked from somewhere else), and Prof Titus (again original writing).

at same goes with number 12 and 14. what is unique or significant about theri blog. same news and articles you will find spread on blogs or newpapers

if they are very good, go check their PRs or tell me how many time s their work is being referenced ?

go check your understanding of blog qualities and then come here to comment.

@money penny don’t overreact my friend. Number 7, 12 and 14 are as good my friends as you are…May be you are one of the bloggers who didn’t find his/her name in the list and trying to vent your frustation…better luck next time..please share your blog name and I will visit and see if you even fit enough to post a comment here…first of all you should have courage to comment with your real name instead of bogus names…lol…never mind ….and don’t take it by heart

@Money Penny

I would really like to knw about your blog and read it . You mentioned about 3 blogs which are “junk” as per your standards . I dont know about other 2 , but Number 14 is one of my favorites and the person is fantastic . He has clear understand of things and he shares his knowledge and views with everyone . And his posts and method is unique , you wont find it anywhere , Can you point me to some other blog which has anything similar to number 14 🙂

And dont worry dear , these people are not getting some awards from someone that you are feeling so jealous . Just try to see more positive in things … It will help you .

Best of luck , dont forget to mention your real name and blog (if you have) .

Interesting argument going here..so thought of adding my bit of spice : ) I am not sure of the blogs of 12 and timamo (14) but I do read others like Investment Guru (7), Rohit (5) and deepak(11). If I remember correctly, all these blogs have also featured in economic times as best blogs some time back (year or so). All these have huge readership which speaks for itself. nothing more to add…!!

@vishwas: I still do not think you understand. Why the heck are you taking my comments personal. did i say any of 7, 12, 14 are personally bad? did i comment on their personal characteristics?

I commented on technical aspects (originality, PR, content) and you don’t seem to understand the argument.

And you are going on personal attack. what a dumbo you are !!! That’s why I said, you do not understand how to argue a case…….

you are asking me to give real name, like you did “vishwas” and i believe there is only one “vishwas” in Inida….. vishwas bhai pahela vishwas karna seekho!!

@manish, I like your response and discussion on technical aspects. But in the end you also become personal (jealous.. come on my freind). And yes, i also understand listed folks are not getting anything. just a recognition…..

Unfortunately, you guys are not worth to discuss. I asked you specific questions (about content quality, orginiatliy), compare among others…. you telling me 7, 12, 14 are at par with esteem prof of IIMs…… have some sense my friends… compare on similar categories, not on freindship or not on becuae you read someones blog…. remove that bias and then evaluate…

@Geetika: my concern is only with inclusion of 7, 12, 14 on this list. Others are excellent one and very well deserved.

7, 12, 14 are not worth in this list. they may be ok and average like hunderds/thousands other blogs……………

@Money Wise

I also like your response 🙂 . But I dont understand with whom I got jealous , give me the news please .

I dont think the people i mentioned are at par with some IIM pro … Everyone has a differnet class and style , i was talking about that .

Regarding PR , i checked the PR for each of 7 , 12 and 14 , it was 3 , 1 and 3 . Not sure if that is repectable or not ?

My Blog itself has PR of 3 . Not sure it it deservers or not !! .

Regarding Content quality and comparision with others ,I think there should be some common rules and criteria’s for comparision , otherwise each one will have there own method and way of saying some thing is junk or great!! . Unless we have a common ground , Everyone is correct .

Personally I like 14 , 2 , 5 , 11 than anyone else … that my criteria and based on my liking . What about you ?

My sincere congratulations to all of the 15 folks listed here by the author of this post. Each of 15 blogs are good reads and have their own focus, their own perspective, and probably stand out in their domain. I think overall a good choice and good list.

As every coin as two sides, this post could have been presented in much better way. If the blog were personal views or individual perspective, I would have had no comments. Individuals are free to express their thoughts (that’s what the blogs are for).

However, this blog comes out (or seems like) a forum and not a personal blog. Therefore, my viewpoint is, “must read”, may be little too strong. Probably based on categorization or classification could have helped. OR at a minimum, the post could have been strengthened by listing the criteria used.

To Money Penny: You could have presented your case better, and in proper context. Your response seems distasteful (putting it mildly), in absence of any credible authority or background. You do not seem to have any blogging background and also commenting using pseudonym. Therefore, best is to ignore your comments. You need to bring some constructive argument to the table if you want folks to respond. I could have argued each of your points. I am not going to do that.

To Manish: PR as standalone is not enough. My viewpoint is steadily at PR3 for long is bad. But a site achieving PR3 in less than a 9 to 10months is good. Achieving PR3 is possible. PR3 is undergraduate of google’s ranking system. you know what I mean.

Great Job!

Good to see my competition listed out here. More than PR, Theme/Layout, RSS subscriber, etc I believe that a blog should be judged by the quality of posts and relevance to the topic.

Keep up the good work.

Nice list.
I have a trak on almost 10 blogs from the list.
My best blog is trak.in.
M waiting for my entry on the list. 🙂


It is such a nice list.
I also follow some blogs like The Indian Market Monitor etc.

My congratulation to the author for presenting such a nice compilation.

Dr. Debashish Sengupta

I personally follow Prof. Ray Titus’s Blog. I think he has a fantastic way of presenting his ideas which makes a lot of sense. His psychological analysis and his ability to link something very abstract yet profound to somethinh which is real-world type is fabulous.
I personally think his blog should be rated even higher.

These are excellent blogs. All of them! Thank you for listing them.


We are trying to do something similar bring all Indian websites of use to NRI’s under one roof. You site is very useful and informational

Nice list, congratulations to all 15 guys listed over here. I will try to follow them.

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Great Collection

I read most of the above list of blogs, looks few good blogs like
Mr Illango’s blog and kpl’s vfmdirect forum is missing from the list

And i write on Trading strategies and Market Analysis

Rajandran R

Good compilation of Finance Blogs. I also write on personal financial planning. Hope that some day I will also share the dias with these 15 bloggers and others in this discussion forum. my blog is http://www.my-finance-planner.blogspot.com

Best Regards
Gopal Gidwani

Good compilation of Investing & Business Blogs.
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information with us.

keep posting my friend.i really with you

Good collection i really appreciated. I have read the blog of Arun Prabhudesai. Nice posting Mr. Arun keep it up. I want to start my own online business. Can you help me regarding this and tell me various websites for online Indian business.

Its no doubt a good list of bloggers but I think now this is pretty old and need revision. I found a few blogs which has not been updated for months and then there are others not listed here which have become excellent.



Thats really a nice collection of blogs and I usually follow some of them but I didnt knew some of them,,,
Thanks for the post

These bloggers have really good knowledge about the business and give better view of the market & business to follow. I have gone through only two of these and it looks like they have some very unique ideas to make better business.

Thanks for the helpful information…

It’s a very nice post.

The List was enlightening, I refer to some of them as well. Here is a blog that might help you in understanding personal finance

Vinod Dhanteras


Nice List of Blogs and I feel benefited on reading these blogs.

I too write on Trading and investing strategies.

Hooe to see my site in the list


Please don’t fight on the listing. Every listing is a individual list. Which may match with your blog or not. Keep smiling.

Good work man..Thanks for the information sharing.
Waiting for your next article

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