Was A Success Was A Success

Today at Bido, the domain sold for $292.  It was Bido’s first Indian domain auction, and I think it went well.  I was in the bidding, but stopped at $250.  There was a lot of bidding in the last few minutes, and the domain was sold to Adams Consulting.  Congratulations to both the buyer and the seller!

I was in the chat room and there was a large, fun, and raucous group of people.  Below is the transcript from the chat – it’s well worth the read.  Thanks to everyone who came out!

Hopefully Bido will do a .in auction soon – I know some good ones have been submitted.  I am happy with how things went and look forward to many more Indian domain auctions on Bido.

Here’s the transcript:

[11:57] ripley: Hi
[11:57] tldagent: Hello all
[11:57] dejanlesi: hi all
[11:57] Art: hello dejanlesi
[11:57] dejanlesi: how is it going?
[11:58] Art: going well
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Today’s special guest is Jeff Behrendt of Click here to view Jeff’s bio.
[11:58] Art: welcome Jeff
[11:58] Jeff Behrendt: Hello Art and everyone else!
[11:58] tldagent: ditto Jeff
[11:58] Jeff Behrendt: Hey tldagent – good luck with the auction!
[11:59] tldagent: ty
[11:59] KingSingh: whats up anyone home?
[11:59] Jeff Behrendt: Hi KingSingh!
[11:59] Art: we’re home alright
[11:59] KingSingh: hey jeff – anyone mods from inforum here?
[11:59] Jeff Behrendt: Ceres is – she’s also my wife 😀
[12:00] tldagent: wow
[12:00] KingSingh: family biz eh 🙂
[12:00] tldagent: I wish my wife would get involved
[12:00] Art: hello KingSingh, Albert Tai, Ceres
[12:00] Jeff Behrendt: Yes 😀
[12:00] KingSingh: so aution is started
[12:00] tldagent: congrats Jeff on th efamily business
[12:00] Art: Welcome Jeff of
[12:00] Art: Thanks for being here, Jeff
[12:00] Jeff Behrendt: It’s a pleasure – thanks for the invite!
[12:01] Art: Shall we begin?
[12:01] Art: Jeff, when did you start domaining?
[12:01] Jeff Behrendt: Sure!
[12:01] Jeff Behrendt: It was a gradual process…
[12:01] Jeff Behrendt: I started on the web back in 2001 in SEO / Internet Marketing
[12:01] Jeff Behrendt: Through that, I realized the importance of domains.
[12:01] Art: I see
[12:01] Jeff Behrendt: I would often look for domains with specific characteristics
[12:02] Jeff Behrendt: such as exact match domains, or expired domains with pagerank, links and traffic…
[12:02] Jeff Behrendt: I didn’t realize that domaining existed back then though…
[12:02] Jeff Behrendt: I’ve been doing “pure” domaining for about 2 years now…
[12:02] Art: Jeff, how did you get into Indian domains specifically?
[12:03] Jeff Behrendt: When I decided to get serious about investing in domains, I didn’t have a big budget.
[12:03] Jeff Behrendt: I couldn’t afford a lot of good .com domains, so I tried investing in .net and .org domains.
[12:03] Jeff Behrendt: I didn’t make a lot of money in those, so I looked around for other opportunities.
[12:04] Jeff Behrendt: I found cctlds were great – because they were cheaper, and because end users really buy them.
[12:04] Art: Do you buy domains other than .in?
[12:04] Jeff Behrendt: I decided to invest in .ca, and .in and this has ended up working really well
[12:04] dejanlesi: i have a question for you guys.. i have a hack: (skin) what do you think about it? 🙂
[12:04] Jeff Behrendt: .ca – I live in Canada and know the marekt well
[12:04] Art: welcome, theoretical, tintin_13, gentlesavage, protuberance
[12:05] KingSingh: Jeff – why did you decide to go with .in and not
[12:05] Jeff Behrendt: Recognize several forum memers 😀
[12:05] Jeff Behrendt: .in is really a shorthand for both – I do invest in both
[12:05] Jeff Behrendt: .in seems to be doing better in the aftermarket, is popular among endusers as it’s the traditional extension
[12:06] ripley: Jeff, what is the main difference in vs .in — which do you prefer to invest in and why?
[12:06] ripley: How can you explain the discrepancy; if endusers mostly use, why would .in be doing better in the aftermarket? domainer-driven sales?
[12:06] Jeff Behrendt: Pluses and minuses of each…
[12:06] Ty_: @Jeff, Hi, could you tell us what the biggest ticket .in sales have been thus far?
[12:07] Jeff Behrendt: I generally prefer to buy .in, but strong one word are also good
[12:07] Jeff Behrendt: – $60,000
[12:07] DomainVictor: what are the .in (and restrictions for non-natives?
[12:07] Jeff Behrendt: – $24,000
[12:08] Jeff Behrendt: – $22,000
[12:08] tldagent: I don’t believe there are any restrictions are there?
[12:08] Art: Jeff, what do you see in the future for Indian domains?
[12:08] Jeff Behrendt: No restrictions on ownership – anyone in the world can own
[12:08] Jeff Behrendt: I think it’s very positive obviously!
[12:08] KingSingh: Jeff – What registrar do you use to purchase .in’s?
[12:08] Jeff Behrendt: It will take some time – it’s like the early .com days
[12:08] DomainVictor: what about URDP or WIPO? ANy differences in TM restrictions and rulings? More of less lax than gTLDs? Same?
[12:09] Jeff Behrendt: I purchase .in domains at normally – best rates and domainer friendly
[12:09] KingSingh: yep agreed jeff – great rates and exceptional service 🙂
[12:09] Jeff Behrendt: There’s an INDRP – similar to UDRP
[12:09] theoretical: isn’t bad either
[12:09] tldagent: OK
[12:09] tldagent: I used to use GoodLuckDomain
[12:10] Jeff Behrendt: I think under Indian law, trademarks are accorded much better protection than in US/ UK
[12:10] DomainVictor: run into and INDRP cases yet?
[12:10] tldagent: stay away from that one
[12:10] Jeff Behrendt: is good too
[12:10] Art: Welcome Ty_, eklypse, SAnon, briang959
[12:10] Jeff Behrendt: Full house 😀
[12:10] Art: yes, great turnout
[12:10] Bido: It’s amazing to see all these new faces on here. Welcome!
[12:10] Ty_: @Jeff How does compare with and even IDN.IDN Indian language names for the long term iyo?
[12:11] Jeff Behrendt: There is no yet unfortunately
[12:11] Ty_: Thanks @Art
[12:11] briang959: Thanks Art! Glad to be back.
[12:11] Jeff Behrendt: I’ve talked to people at the registry and there don’t seem to be immediate plans for this
[12:11] Jeff Behrendt: Although in the long run they want to add it
[12:11] Art: Jeff, when did you start
[12:11] Jeff Behrendt: I haven’t heard any talk about idn.idn Indian language domains
[12:11] theoretical: is a good place to look at trademark dispute decisions
[12:11] DomainVictor: I don’t see a big pent up demand for them. English is still the laguage of business and educations
[12:11] Ty_: Do you know the percentage of the polutation that writes in ACSII characters? I’;ve not been to India so don’t even know re: signage etc
[12:12] Jeff Behrendt: English is still the dominant language of education, business, law, etc in India
[12:12] Ty_: Ah – got there before me
[12:12] ZandyMan: Jeff, have you ever actually been to India?
[12:12] Jeff Behrendt: Actually, I bought from the person who started it a bit over a year ago now
[12:12] KingSingh: i remeber that Jeff – you outbidded me
[12:12] KingSingh: 🙁
[12:12] Art: How long did the previous owner have it?
[12:12] tldagent: I forgot about that Jeff
[12:12] Jeff Behrendt: 🙂 KingSingh 🙂
[12:13] KingSingh: but doing a mighty fine job – id have to say
[12:13] tldagent: btw, what did you end up paying for the forum, if you don’t mind
[12:13] DomainVictor: Jeff Behrendt, what is your plan for this domains if you win it? (Currently in the lead)
[12:13] Jeff Behrendt: It was started Jan 2007
[12:13] Jeff Behrendt: @DomainVictor – I don’t count my chickens before they’ve hatched 😀
[12:14] DomainVictor: lol
[12:14] KingSingh: thats part of his ‘success’
[12:14] Jeff Behrendt: The forum has really taken off now – we get over 16,000 uniques per month
[12:14] DomainVictor: lol
[12:14] Art: Is it strictly a forum? Any plans for auctions, etc?
[12:14] theoretical: it’s a great resource.. though I’ve only lurked 🙂
[12:14] Jeff Behrendt: We’ve got a blog
[12:15] Jeff Behrendt: There are regular updates of domain sales on the blog as well as news items
[12:15] Jeff Behrendt: We’re going to be adding more, it just always seems to take longer than planned…
[12:15] tldagent: know how that goes Jeff
[12:16] theoretical: Yeah, you almost gave me a heart attack when you blogged about the sedo auctions of the geo domains I was going after!
[12:16] Jeff Behrendt: 🙂
[12:16] DomainVictor: Ahh. jeff can chat and bid up
[12:17] Art: Jeff, are you more of a buyer, seller, or holder of domains?
[12:17] theoretical: got them without any competition though.. yippee!
[12:17] Art: or all of the above?
[12:17] tldagent: @Jeff, how many domains do you have currently
[12:17] KingSingh: How many .in domains do you have in your portfolio ~ figure?
[12:17] Jeff Behrendt: I think it was Warren Buffet who said – our favorite holding period is forever – I tend to hold
[12:18] Art: I see
[12:18] Jeff Behrendt: I do sell over time, as I readjust my portfolio to different goals
[12:18] Jeff Behrendt: Not sure the exact number – probably about 1,000 .in / domains
[12:18] Art: Jeff, what type of domains do you actively seek to acquire?
[12:18] adsenser: jeff, how much you ll appraise ?
[12:19] Jeff Behrendt: Cheap domains 😀
[12:19] theoretical: lol
[12:19] Art: 🙂
[12:19] Jeff Behrendt: I also develop domains, so I tend to favor domains that if need be, I could develop myself
[12:19] KingSingh: what type of sites do you develop Jeff?
[12:19] Jeff Behrendt: At this point, I mostly buy cctlds – rarely do I buy .com any more
[12:19] KingSingh: affiliates primarily?
[12:20] Art: hi adsenser, zap
[12:20] Jeff Behrendt: @KingSing yes
[12:20] Jeff Behrendt: @adsenser – pm me on the forum re the appraisal
[12:20] adsenser: Art, hello
[12:20] adsenser: Jeff Behrendt, sure
[12:20] KingSingh: i run a small Indian Movie portal – (shameless plug) – and have been using Komli for ads – do you suggest any other affiliate management companies targeted to Indians
[12:21] zap: hello
[12:21] Jeff Behrendt: I’ve been to – nice site!
[12:22] KingSingh: if you like Bollywood Movies – look no further Jeff 🙂
[12:22] Jeff Behrendt: We’ve got a thread sticky’d on the forum with all the various Indian affiliate companies we know about
[12:22] KingSingh: alright i’ll check it out – thanks Jeff!
[12:23] Art: Jeff, besides .in, what other ccTLDs do you think have the best growth potential at the moment?
[12:23] Jeff Behrendt: I’ve done well with – there is serious end user demand there
[12:23] adsenser: Jeff Behrendt, PM sent at
[12:24] Jeff Behrendt: Thanks adsense – will get back to you soon.
[12:24] theoretical: what are your thoughts about the indrp cases lately. Have they been handled properly or is there still room for improvement? How do you protect yourself against indrp’s?
[12:24] Jeff Behrendt: There’s room for improvement
[12:25] Jeff Behrendt: If a brand is really well known in India, it’s almost guaranteed that they will win a case
[12:25] theoretical: it seems like domain owners always lose
[12:25] Jeff Behrendt: I wouldn’t park any valuable India domain – it’s too risky – put up a minisite instead
[12:26] Jeff Behrendt: A lot of the cases are all from one company – Pantaloon
[12:26] theoretical: and ITC
[12:26] Jeff Behrendt: They seem to have missed the initial registration period and are now going after all their brands
[12:27] Jeff Behrendt: It shows that companies are starting to see the value in Indian domains
[12:28] Jeff Behrendt: There’s no appeal process to the INDRP, which is unfortunate if a mistake is made
[12:29] ZandyMan: Jeff, do you think 3 letter .ins will ever approach the value of 3 letter .coms?
[12:29] Art: Jeff, any interest in ccTLDs in the countries surrounding India?
[12:30] Jeff Behrendt: @ZandyMan – I think will do well – probably better than in the long run
[12:31] Jeff Behrendt: But I can’t see it approaching the value of, just because the pool of .com buyers is so much largers
[12:31] Jeff Behrendt: @Art – no, I’ve really had to stick to just 3 cctlds because of the time and money involved in investing
[12:31] Jeff Behrendt: I do own a few .ph domains, I think those will do well also
[12:31] Adams Consulting: Jeff, I agree. There is too much confusion between .net and .com, I wouldn’t brand a .net ever. ccTLDs don’t suffer from the same confusion.
[12:32] Jeff Behrendt: Thanks Adams Consulting!
[12:32] Art: Hello Adams Consulting, exdon, Shaj, Quasar
[12:33] Adams Consulting: Hi, Art.
[12:33] Jeff Behrendt: Welcome everyone!
[12:33] Jeff Behrendt: Thanks for coming!
[12:34] Art: All, please feel free to ask Jeff any questions
[12:34] Art: Jeff, apparently you are a popular guy!
[12:34] Adams Consulting: Jeff, I came in a little late, is SUCCESS.CO.IN yours?
[12:35] Jeff Behrendt: No
[12:35] exdon: Hi, Art.
[12:35] Jeff Behrendt: It belongs to a member of our forum
[12:35] Adams Consulting: Did you lead them to Bido?
[12:35] tldagent: in a round about way
[12:35] tldagent: yes
[12:35] Jeff Behrendt: It’s tldagents 😀
[12:35] tldagent: newsletters
[12:35] exdon: I just joined, so perhaps you may have been asked before, what is the difference between .in and
[12:36] Jeff Behrendt: is the traditional Indian extension – in 2005 .in was introduced
[12:37] exdon: so then, is preferred and more valuable?
[12:37] Jeff Behrendt: In the aftermarket, .in generally does better
[12:37] tldagent: To end users, yes to domainers and speculators not necessarily
[12:37] exdon: is this due to the likely domain hack element to it?
[12:38] Jeff Behrendt: seems to get more type in traffic than .in
[12:38] Jeff Behrendt: I haven’t seen most hacks selling well
[12:38] Jeff Behrendt: Strong commercially oriented keywords work best
[12:38] Adams Consulting: For keywords, both will have value. For brand names, is probably preferred.
[12:39] Adams Consulting: I mean
[12:39] Art: Jeff, what percentage of your portfolio is .in,
[12:39] Jeff Behrendt: I did a post of all the pluses and minuses
[12:39] Jeff Behrendt: I’d say about 1/2 / 1/2 .in /
[12:39] theoretical: have you tried marketing/branding .in’s outside of india? Any troubles with any specific search engines not ranking you outside india?
[12:39] Bido: 2 minutes offer: Place the next bid, get a 5$ Subway coupon, compliments of Art of Bido 🙂
[12:39] Jeff Behrendt: are still fairly easy to find good ones to hand register
[12:40] Jeff Behrendt: Yummy Subway 😀
[12:40] Art: am I a nice guy or what?
[12:40] theoretical: that’s like a free footlong!
[12:40] Art: eat fresh
[12:40] Jeff Behrendt: I’ve seen a few websites using .in targeting an international audience
[12:40] Adams Consulting: Very nice, Art. 🙂
[12:40] tldagent: took the words right out of my mouth
[12:40] Jeff Behrendt: 🙂
[12:40] dejanlesi: good .in are also still to be hand regged..
[12:40] Jeff Behrendt: Tldagent 🙂
[12:41] zap: is that or .in
[12:41] Jeff Behrendt: @dejanlesi – yes, but it’s harder – people have been extensively registering these over the last year
[12:41] tldagent: lol
[12:41] dejanlesi: i got a few in the last days.. but i think they are a longterm investment..
[12:41] exdon: is the Indian TLD more widely used than .com in India?
[12:41] Bido: 60 seconds left on the Subway offer..
[12:41] dejanlesi: i got like and
[12:42] Jeff Behrendt: Yes, I think Indian domains are a long term investment
[12:42] Art: welcome, AlexIn
[12:42] Jeff Behrendt: If you’re looking for a quick flip, it’s not the market to be in
[12:42] dejanlesi: and i am looking at few great keywords.. but i dont know if i should reg them..
[12:42] Jeff Behrendt: A lot do get good type in traffic, but the pay per click is still low
[12:42] Adams Consulting: Art, are you testing a new timed offer feature? Pretty neat.
[12:42] Bido: 10 seconds..
[12:42] dejanlesi: Jeff in how much do you think the investment would pay off?
[12:42] tldagent: someone bid loll
[12:42] adsenser: .in is too easy to remember
[12:42] Jeff Behrendt: @zap 😀
[12:42] tldagent: don’t let that footlong get away
[12:42] Bido: Expired!
[12:42] theoretical: oh the humanity!
[12:42] Sahar: 🙂
[12:43] Art: yeah, I like it, Adams Consulting
[12:43] tldagent: 🙂
[12:43] Art: I don’t wanna buy too many lunches though!
[12:43] Jeff Behrendt: Most registrars have a special on right now – it’s around $4 to register – so if it’s not a TM, I’d take the chance
[12:43] Sahar: Art, I’m telling Jarred you’re stealing is trademark offering. He is the only one giving Subway coupons on here.
[12:43] theoretical: yeah, that’s saved me a boat load of money!
[12:44] Art: uh oh!
[12:44] Sahar: Art, you need to find your own niche 🙂
[12:44] OzDomainer: Hi All
[12:44] Art: what about Quiznos?
[12:44] Sahar: OzDomainer, howdy
[12:44] Art: hi Oz
[12:44] adsenser: I remember i registered a .in domain 2 years back for $29 approx
[12:44] Jeff Behrendt: Hi Ozdomainer!
[12:44] Sahar: Art, maybe.. not a bad idea. Do they offer footlongs?
[12:45] zap: looks like it stalled at $270
[12:45] Adams Consulting: Jeff, do you know what the actual registrar price is for .in and
[12:45] Art: Not sure. Let me look into that.
[12:45] OzDomainer: good to see the ccTLD getting some attention
[12:45] Jeff Behrendt: Before the special, registry wholesale price is Rs500 for .in and Rs250 for
[12:46] Jeff Behrendt: So about $10 and $5
[12:46] OzDomainer: Hey there Ceres
[12:46] gentlesavage: and another thing, I can’t stand australian accents.
[12:46] gentlesavage: Oh, hey ozdomainer.
[12:46] Jeff Behrendt: 😀
[12:46] OzDomainer: Guday Mate!!!
[12:46] Jeff Behrendt: It’s the UK accents that are hard to understand 😀
[12:46] Ceres: Hello Ed, hello everyone 🙂
[12:46] Adams Consulting: Also, are the prices regulated, like .COM and .NET, which are going up the max amount allowed each year for the last two years.
[12:47] Jeff Behrendt: @Adams Consultion – I haven’t seen a change since it started. It seems once a year the Registry runs a special
[12:48] OzDomainer: Does have a reserve?
[12:48] Jeff Behrendt: I think the registry wants as many names as possible registered, so I don’t think prices will change
[12:48] Jeff Behrendt: No reserve – pure adrenaline 😀
[12:48] theoretical: any news of a drop service for .in’s?
[12:48] OzDomainer: cool
[12:48] Jeff Behrendt: My information is that they will be changing how drop occur in the near future
[12:48] Jeff Behrendt: I don’t know the details – trying to find out more
[12:49] theoretical: how near?
[12:49] Jeff Behrendt: I’m trying to find that out too…
[12:49] theoretical: 🙂
[12:49] Art: Jeff, what are your thoughts on the domain name Will the winner of today’s auction find success with it?
[12:50] OzDomainer: this is a name in need of development and if done correctly coud be great buy
[12:50] Jeff Behrendt: I like the name very much. Powerful one word term with a very positive connotation
[12:50] Art: perhaps a financial firm or investment firm could find use?
[12:51] Art: motivational speaker is a possibility
[12:51] OzDomainer: has anyone else here submitted any or .in names for auction at Bido?
[12:51] tldagent: Success could be used for nearly anything
[12:51] tldagent: yes
[12:51] theoretical: what tools do you use to evaluation prices/investments in .ins?
[12:51] Jeff Behrendt: The Google Adwords tool is great
[12:51] Adams Consulting: Jeff, what would you value SUCCESS.CO.IN at?
[12:52] Jeff Behrendt:
[12:52] Jeff Behrendt: Gives you the search volume of a term in India
[12:53] Jeff Behrendt: Also, search and click “pages from India” to see how much the term is used
[12:53] tldagent: has been submitted once. possible good hack too
[12:53] theoretical: they changed the adword tool though 🙁 – what about for valuations? do you find estibot or others to have reasonable figures at all?
[12:53] Jeff Behrendt: @Adams Consulting – I’m bidding on it right now, so don’t want to value
[12:53] OzDomainer: me to
[12:53] Sahar: Jeff Behrendt, that’s the right answer
[12:54] Jeff Behrendt: 🙂 Sahar
[12:54] Sahar: Transparency is really important in the industry, great to see you guys recognize it
[12:54] tldagent: that’s a god point Sahar
[12:54] OzDomainer: I submitted some .IN names a few days ago
[12:54] tldagent: transparency in everything
[12:54] OzDomainer: will see what happens
[12:55] Jeff Behrendt: Good luck OzDomainer – I know you’ve got some great domains!
[12:55] OzDomainer: cheers Jeff
[12:55] Jeff Behrendt: You are up late!
[12:55] OzDomainer: as always
[12:56] Jeff Behrendt: I like estibot for .com, not so much for Indian domains, because the data is mainly US
[12:56] Recordweb: how many people feel estibot is a reasonable way to value a domain name?
[12:56] Art: Jeff, will you be making any public appearances (trade shows, etc) in the near future?
[12:56] Jeff Behrendt: No public appearances, but I’ll be at TRAFFIC cctlds in June
[12:56] Recordweb: and hi Jeff and folks
[12:57] Jeff Behrendt: And I’ll do a podcast on OzDomainer soon too
[12:57] OzDomainer: sold 2 of my domains yesterday and made enough to pay for all of my Indian registrations for the next 12 months so was happy
[12:57] Art: Hi Recordweb
[12:57] Jeff Behrendt: Hi Recordweb
[12:57] Jeff Behrendt: Congrats OzDomainer – to endusers?
[12:57] OzDomainer: yes
[12:57] Recordweb: congrats
[12:58] OzDomainer: there are many more end users in the game now
[12:58] OzDomainer: so I am finding anyway
[12:58] Jeff Behrendt: That’s what gives domains their *real* value – end user money coming in
[12:59] OzDomainer: for sure
[12:59] Sahar: Now you guys bid? You could have put that bidd before and enjoy a sandwich. Now you bid and stay hungry 🙂
[12:59] Jeff Behrendt: Some heated last minute bidding!
[12:59] Jeff Behrendt: 🙂 Sahar
[12:59] Art: yes indeed
[12:59] Art: Jeff, how may the viewers get in contact with you?
[12:59] Sahar: I’m telling you, people are jsut not hungry here Art. Living the high life!
[13:00] Art: I guess not
[13:00] theoretical: we want quizno’s!
[13:00] Recordweb: I’m living the low life. But it’s where I live
[13:00] Recordweb: I know the owner
[13:00] Recordweb: Here is to Success!!!!
[13:00] Bido: 1 minute offer: 5$ Quizno coupon, Compliments of Art of Bido 🙂
[13:01] Art: come on people!
[13:01] OzDomainer: looks like someone is going to get a bargain!!!
[13:01] theoretical: so tempting.. mmmm toasty!
[13:01] tldagent: yeah, if can sell for anything at all… I’d expect this to bring a bit more
[13:01] tldagent: lol
[13:01] Bido: 30 seconds left ..
[13:01] catchnames: what’s going on Peeps.
[13:01] theoretical: I said I wasn’t going to bid 🙁
[13:01] Bido: 10..
[13:02] Art: Hello Catchnames
[13:02] Bido: Expired offer
[13:02] Sahar: 🙂
[13:02] catchnames: hello Art
[13:02] Jeff Behrendt: Last minute to bid…
[13:02] theoretical: darn you transparency!
[13:02] Recordweb: Suggestion, the counter should count the seconds down, not “Less then one minute”
[13:03] Jeff Behrendt: Congrats Adams Consulting!
[13:03] theoretical: grats!
[13:03] Art: Congrats to Adams Consulting
[13:03] Sahar: Congrats
[13:03] tldagent: congrats, great buy
[13:03] OzDomainer: well done
[13:03] Recordweb: nice job adams consulting. Stole a good name
[13:03] Art: Jeff, thank you very much for being here!
[13:03] catchnames: auction should be open for more than one day. also it was not advertised on namepros,domainstate
[13:03] Jeff Behrendt: Thanks you too Art!
[13:03] exdon: congrats Adams, well done Jeff
[13:03] Recordweb: shame on the owner of the name not to promote that name. I’d be putting out a press release if it was my name
[13:04] OzDomainer: what a nice buy
[13:04] Jeff Behrendt: @catchnames – promoted heavily on INForum
[13:04] Jeff Behrendt: Nice buy indeed
[13:04] Recordweb: of course, not saying that wasn’t done
[13:04] Art: great chat today, folks
[13:04] catchnames: I saw it at inforum @Jeff
[13:05] Bido: We’re back Monday with COUNTERPROOF.COM. Place your proxies early on this and others. From all of us here @ Bido, Have a great weekend!
[13:05] OzDomainer: cya all!
[13:05] Art: bye, OzDomainer
[13:05] tldagent: gl all take care.
[13:05] catchnames: gets decent traffic. Even domains like gets traffic.So there is a portion of Indian population who types in naturally
[13:06] catchnames: I am not sure why aftermarket price of is not picking up
[13:06] catchnames: bye all
[13:08] Art: Gotta take care of the business of Bido. have a good weekend everyone!