Bido Now Accepting .IN Domains

Bido Now Accepting .IN Domains

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Bido.  They have taken domain auctions to another level with a series of innovations that most (all?) other domain auction houses would be unwilling to try.  Plus they actively listen to feedback from the community, and take action on it.

One drawback of Bido, however, has been that they only accept .com domains.  While that may be suitable for an American audience, it leaves most of the rest of the world out in the cold.

Fortunately Bido has again listened to the community and changed this policy.  Bido is now accepting .in and other cctld domains for auction.  I think that this is a very positive step as it offers Bido the opportunity to transform itself from an American centric company to an international one.

The focus and exposure that an auction at Bido has is far wider than anywhere else one could sell a .in domain.

Bido has further improved their offerings lately by allowing sellers to set a reserve.  Bido has also priced their commission to provide a strong incentive for sellers to set a reserve that will ensure the domain sells at its market price.

I think that Bido introducing .in auctions is also a great opportunity for the Indian domaining community — in two ways.  First, if you’ve got a quality .in domain to sell, please submit it for consideration at Bido.  With the exposure your auction will get, you’re likely to receive the best possible price for it.

Second, it gives a chance for us to promote .in to the rest of the world.  Bido has a loyal and active community following, many of whom likely know little about the .in market.

I’m very glad that there is now a new venue to sell .in domains and I can’t wait until the first .in domain is on auction!


hi Jeff,
i have been a member of bido since it started just i got this news Wed, 25/3/09 from bido mailing list. I dont have enough good .in domains but i have put other premium cctlds of mine on bido. lets hope for the better!

It might also interest you to know that BIDO is accepting only .in domains but not accepting as i e-mailed their admin and Jarred Cohen(admin of bido) replied to me that “In the meantime, please try those that do not work as .coin for now, we will know what you mean.” means we cannot say like but rather domain.coin and they will know what we mean because their present system doesnt support but Jarred assured me that he is working on it.


Thanks for the coverage! We’re happy to now accept ccTLDs and ask that you submit them at this time! We DO accept but the submission page is being worked on, when you try to enter your domains, if it does not like just remove one dot so its like .coin.. but we will have it resolved quite fast anyway.

@Abhishek thank you!

I have been a bido fan for long time, I wish bido all the best…. I have tried to submit few domain but i never get through 🙂 I see lots of bido listing are house domain, What’s wrong with bido ?? If bido wants to grab a market then they should include listing from people like us. So, we will be encourage to bid at bido too, as we do at sedo… I hope bido has to be more sincere with there fans..
Wish you double check the way you accept domain name..
I have submit 10 name which i had previous offer from the third party but bido has not selected even 1 ???

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