Cheapest Indian Domain Registrars

Cheapest Indian Domain Registrars

Since the Indian domain space is so young, hand registering .in and domains is still a very viable and profitable strategy.  If you are going to register a significant number of domains, every Rupee counts.  It makes sense to find the cheapest registrar possible (as long as the service is good).

The registry charges registrars a wholesale rate of 500 Rs (approximately $9.92) for .in domains and 250 Rs (approximately $4.96) for and the other third level domains.

I’ve surveyed a number of Indian domain registrars.  The cheapest registrar I’ve found is – which charges 589 Rs (approximately $11.69) for .in domains and 319 Rs (approximately $6.33) for  Their reputation is that they have decent service.  Also, unlike most registrars, price their domains in Rupees rather than Dollars, so if the Rupee continues to fall against the Dollar, their prices will become even more attractive.

If you know of any cheaper Indian domain registrars, please drop a note in the comments.


Hi Jeff,

I agree that is the cheapest Indian registra that I have been able to find over the past 18 months.

I only register my names with them and find them very easy to use.

I have 300 & .in domains with them and only use them for these ccTLD’s.



Thanks for the input Ed!

This does seem to be a long term thing –’s prices have consistently been the lowest.

I agree with all , the cheapest .in domains registrar is, i had a handful of domain registrationsw ith mitsu.

However if in case you want route the traffic , or need an email address …etc then mitsu charges extra . Can you throw some light on this one.. As of now i am using my godaddy reseller account for registering the domains if in case i am planning to develop the same immediately.

Ed , hope you are also doing the same with pro resellet account..

can you share your thoughts.

I think charging extra for email addresses is standard at most registrars. I’m not sure what you mean by route the traffic.

Now that Godaddy is offering .in domains, you can get a good deal there too. While Godaddy charges more for .in domains than, if you get a coupon, then it can reduce the cost at Godaddy to less than still has the best price for by far.

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