Weekly Sales Report of Indian Domains

Weekly Sales Report of Indian Domains

The highlight of the week was a very large number of LLL.in sales, most of them premium LLL.in at very good prices.

There were many successful sales by INForum members:

Meditang sold the domain Kgb.in for $5,000 and another undisclosed LLL.in for $1,200.

Johnny sold Tpa.in for €1000 or about $1,300 to an enduser.  He also had another undisclosed LLL.in enduser sale for $1,800.  He successfully sold a number of LLL.in to other resellers, including Bpa.in for $135, Pcf.in for $100, Fbf.in for $65, Gcr.in for $62, and Mnf.in for $58.

There were also a lot of LLL.in on auction at Sedo this week:

Tss.in sold for $200.  Stp.in took home $330.  Rtn.in closed at $80.  Rsc.in ended at $80.  Ipc.in wound up at $205.  Mna.in sold for $80.  Hcm.in closed at $120.  I think that this shows the strength of the LLL.in market.

The numeric domain 688.in commanded $70.

iPromote.in ended at $550.

The rerun of the auction for Onion.in failed to meet reserve and did not sell.  I’m not sure what the highest bid was, but shortly before closing the bidding was only at 80 Euro.

Upcoming auctions of Indian domains at Sedo include:  Inp.in, Isu.in, 747.in, and Bunnies.in.


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