Mainstream Media Coverage of .IN Domains

Mainstream Media Coverage of .IN Domains

There is an interesting article today in the Business Standard covering the Indian domain space.  Some salient quotes:

The .in registrations on the internet have grown almost 70 times over the last four years – from 6,500 in 2004 to 230,000 in 2007.

And, between October 2007-March 2008, almost doubled to 440,000, thanks to the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) reducing its wholesale prices to Rs 100. The rates have normalised since April 1.

an NIXI official maintained that he expects around 10,000 .in domain registrations every month

Till 2006, while India rated 63 per cent in the usage of .in domain names, 37 per cent were registered outside India. Over 150 countries are represented by .in domain owners.

The most popular ones are India, the US and Germany, accounting for over 81 per cent registrations, followed by the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Switzerland, Italy, and China.

Mumbai-based Directi and Delhi-based Net4 India control 70 per cent of the domain names business between them.

The .in space is growing quickly and the speed at which it is growing seems to be increasing.  Hold on for the ride!