– Another 6 Figure Domain Sale – Another 6 Figure Domain Sale

Via Sahar’s blog, he announces that is sold for $400,000.  A sweet deal for both the buyer and the seller.  The buyer is currently using the domain, and appears to have wanted to get the dot com.  The seller was using the domain as a website in conjunction with another website and decided to consolidate their web presence on just the one website.

It was probably a bit more than a domain sale – as the domain is aged, has pagerank, backlinks, Google trust, traffic and more.  Still, the high price is probably mostly attributable to the buyer being very motivated.

It also makes me wonder how many companies out there are sitting on gold mines without even knowing it.  Here, a company raised $400,000 simply by moving from 2 websites to 1.  This probably also saves them a lot of money in only needing to market one web presence.