Suggestion on developing indianjewelry site?

Discussion in 'Indian Websites and Start-ups' started by alistair80, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. alistair80

    alistair80 New Member

    hello there,

    any suggestions on developing: ; i know it's not how jewelry is spelled in india but thats how it is in the US. i am from chicago....

    looking for suggestions on developing the domain...

  2. indy

    indy Member

    Hey Ali,

    Welcome to the show and good to connect with you here as well! Would recommend going the affiliate route unless you are planning to set up an ecommerce storefront.

    For affiliate option and that niche, has an affiliate program through CJ for jewelry with XML feeds - may be a nice way to start off your category structure:

    Indian and Pakistani Jewelry | India | Traditional Jewellery - Kaneesha

    Good luck with it!

  3. alistair80

    alistair80 New Member

    the thing is...kaneesha seems to be inactive on CJ :(

    i really appreciate your feedback though.
  4. indy

    indy Member

    You're right...

    They still have the affiliate link up on their site, figured they were active. Just tested it and it shows they are inactive.

    Have you tried SAS, GAN AND LS. Did you want to target the US market or global?


  5. alistair80

    alistair80 New Member

    I've nottried anything else. Was planning on targeting outside US market too...
  6. indy

    indy Member

    Im sending you's affiliate managers info:

    Up to 10% Affiliate Payout!
    $268 Average Order Size

    There's a few more in GAN you may want to take a peak at.
  7. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    What are these?
  8. indy

    indy Member


    SAS -
    GAN - Google Affiliate Network
    LS -
    CJ -

    Those are in my mind the top Global Affiliate Networks at the moment. From the big players like Walmart/BestBuy to the small mom and pop shops, if you are looking to build any type of niche site (product or service related), chances are they are associated with one of these networks.

    For India, I would say the top Aff networks at the moment are:

    Tyroo (Catching up)

    and it wouldn't be an .indy thread without rounding out my top 5 .in affiliate domain names:

    5) IndianAffiliateNetwork [dot] in
    4) PerformanceMarketing [dot] in
    3) AffiliateManagement [dot] in
    2) Revshare [dot] in
    1) Affiliatez [dot] in

    Got ANY affiliate .in domains ? Lets hear em....


  9. Jeff

    Jeff Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks indy! Very helpful information!
  10. goodluckdomain

    goodluckdomain New Member

    Before launching the site add all the important information in the site about jewelry. And show some important contents to search engine about the term jewelry.

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