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    Both and have just been registered due to their outstanding numbers as reported by Google Adwords. Both are currently parked at and have been registered at

    Keyword = "Hot Picture"
    Local Search Volume June EXACT matches = 201,000

    More popular of a search than "Live Cricket", "Stick Cricket" and other incredibly high volume searches.

    Site does not have to be associated with adult content, it can be associated with the "hot picture" in terms of what is currently hot in business, the market, or even on the internet. Great name with a variety of ways to monetize.

    If interested, PM with offers
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  2. synin

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    Update: After parking for a few weeks now, there has been some traffic without any promotion
  3. synin

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    Update: lists sold for $15,700US, June 07 through SnapNames.
  4. synin

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    Update: Both domains have been moved to and will be developed. I will be spending a lot of time generating backlinks - before this happens the domain will be sold for less than its market value due to it only being a domain name.

    For those who wish to get the early jump on this domain before the price increases due to development, PM with offers.

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