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    Is there any one who does not like ActionMovie ?
    No.. I do not think there is anyone who don’t like Action Movie.

    Why this Domain Name is Valuable?

    A few reason why

    The Minimum Budget of an Bollywood Action Movie is one Million even for the low budget action movie...

    One of the recent big budget Hindi Action movie Ra.One was budgeted 125 crore (US$24.94 million) and the producers of Ra.One set the marketing budget of around 52 crore (US$10.37 million)
    Source :

    Virtually translates to nearly 40% of the Total Budget set for promotions and marketing. I have read somewhere that it is nearly 50%-50% or in some cases more for marketing and promotion in Hollywood movies.

    I believe that this is where the value of this domain increases.

    Do you think the producers will spend for a good Domain Name for their preplanned movie ?
    Yes.. of course... This domain would serve as a great tool for marketing and for branding...

    I do believe that there is higher scope for this Domain Name than the one that I have denoted.

    There are many section in the movie Industry who would love this Domain Name..

    Check the search Volume for this keyword
    action movie | 0.02 | 1000000 | 165000 | 12.28
    "action movie" | 0.02 | 201000 | 18100 | 9.69
    [action movie] | 0.05 | 9900 | 880 | 13.06

    Minimum bidding price is $ 50.
    BIN Price is $500. I know the value for the end cusotmer is much
    much higher.

    Payment through Hdfc Bank Wire Transfer, Godaddy e-gift cards or Paypal.

    Final Note
    Are you thinking why the hell is this guy writing such a long essay for this?
    Reason is Simple. This is my first attempt and post to sell a Domain Name after the hard work of more than 2 years… This is one of the best domain names in my list...

    I am sure this domain is worth more and will benefit the buyer for sure...
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    Price reduced.. BIN Price is $35
    Its on Mitsu account.. Free Push
    Paypal transfer accepted

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